Business Security Systems for Tacoma • Electronic Access Control



Great Western Security provides the Tacoma business owner with business security systems. Our expertise and experience in the business security systems industry makes us the right choice for the Tacoma business owner.

With many options available for second level protection, electronic access control will provide you with more security and control than you can receive with other standard keyed entry systems.

Business security systems from Great Western Security will give you the protection you need for inside or outside of your Tacoma business.

Electronic Access Control for Tacoma Facility Management


With electronic access control you regain control and security of your Tacoma facilities.

Electronic access control gives the Tacoma business owner a management tool to further control the activities within the company. There can be many areas in a business that have proprietary information, intellectual property and computer systems, or valuable equipment and inventory.

Our electronic access control equipment can be placed in required areas throughout your facility where a higher level of security is needed. All entry points can be controlled including elevators, doors, and parking gates.

An internal database is maintained for your electronic access control devices 24 hours a day. This database will provide you a complete description of every access transaction that has occurred within your Tacoma facility.

Electronic access control allows you to locate employees, aide in vandalism or theft investigations or monitor and adjust appropriate access permissions. The security of a standard key entry is no match for the overall protection of electronic access control on all points of entry.

Why choose us for your Tacoma business security systems?



Regardless of whether you're a large multi-site corporate enterprise or a single site Tacoma commercial or retail business, we have the right access control solution to fit your needs.

We have leveraged our 22 years of experience in the engineering and designing of electronic access control equipment and we're at the forefront of the access control marketplace.

We also offer our Tacoma clients a free commercial alarm property analysis. We will take the time to understand your security needs, evaluate your Tacoma building and property, and recommend the best business security systems to fit your requirements and budget.

Whether you want electronic access control or other business security options, we are here to help you protect your employees, your Tacoma building and your profits! Call Great Western Security today. 206-430-6090