Commercial Security Systems for Seattle Business Property


Great Western Security understands that protecting your Seattle business is a paramount concern for all Seattle business owners.

Since 1989, we have provided commercial security systems that have help protect your Seattle employees, company equipment, data and computer systems as well as retail and wholesale products.

Our commercial security systems and security alarm systems with video surveillance can help reduce theft within a Seattle commercial or retail business.

According to the National Retail Security, any business with more than $1M in revenue will experience an average of $50,000 in theft loss per year. Although these figures incorporate vendor fraud and administrative calculations, employee theft and shop lifting count for a major percentage of the overall loss.

As a leader in the commercial security systems industry, our dedicated business monitoring team provides state-of-the-art protection for Seattle companies of all types and sizes.

Security Alarm Systems • Seattle Business Security System


The security alarm systems offered by Great Western Security are specifically designed to provide your Seattle business with reliable, affordable and effective intrusion detection.

With our standard security alarm systems, you will be immediately notified of any unauthorized entry. Having a security alarm system for your Seattle commercial or retail business may also reduce your insurance rates.

Business Security System Options for Seattle Business Owners


Our digital video surveillance system is a high-quality, expandable business security system solution that can help you protect and secure assets within your Seattle business facility.


  • Added protection against employee theft, shoplifting and vandalism
  • Discourages fraudulent liability claims from employees and customers
  • Can improve productivity and employee efficiency
  • Remote access and digital recording availability


Our commercial fire alarm systems and monitoring can help to create a safe work environment. Our industry knowledge helps you stay in compliance with Seattle codes and regulations from design through installation.

As one of the leading providers of fire monitoring, we provide fire monitoring to every type of building and business in Seattle, from the smallest neighborhood shop to the largest retail centers, from workshops to warehouses.

Our electronic access control option is a second level of security which allows you to control all points of entry into your business or areas within the building.

If your business is located in the Seattle area and you are looking for commercial security systems or a business security system, Great Western Security is just a phone call away! 206-430-6090