Security Alarm System for Tacoma Homes * Security Alarm System Protection

Great Western Security has been a leader in the security alarm system industry since 1989. We are proud to offer our expertise to Tacoma residents, and are committed to giving you the protection that you need for the safety of your family.

Tacoma homeowners can depend on our security alarm system to provide reliable and fast response time for burglary, fire or carbon monoxide conditions.

Home Security System in Tacoma * Security Alarm System Features

Total Connect Interact Solutions: Our Total Connect is more than just remote security. It is home automation, climate and light control, and video. It’s affordable, customizable and easy to use.

  • Arm/Disarm your Tacoma home security system when you are away
  • See what’s happening at home with real-time video
  • Easily automate lights and thermostats
  • Receive system notifications via email and text messaging

Alpha Keypads: Are easy to read and allow effortless monitoring of your Tacoma home security system.

  • Can be customized to display status of protected areas
  • Works with control panel's real-time clock
  • Timed exit feature allows you to leave with ease

Touch-Screen Keypad: Our Touch Center functions as a digital picture frame and keypad in one-featuring a stunning, high resolution display that showcases your pictures in eye-popping detail.

  • Arm/Disarm home alarm system, access event log, bypass zones or control lights
  • Available in silver, black or white

Key Fobs: They can remotely operate your entire Tacoma home security system.

  • Can be programmed to operate garage door or lighting
  • One-button operation – no special codes to remember for your home alarm
  • Direct feedback with blinking light as well as voice prompts or commands
  • Two-button panic function
  • Can be clipped to your car's visor or your belt

Home Alarm and Second Line of Defense for Your Tacoma Residence

Intrusion Detectors/Motion Detectors: These provide a second line of defense for your Tacoma home.

  • Provide full home security and the ability to arm specific areas
  • Include pet-friendly capabilities
  • Bedroom hallway
  • Family room with entertainment electronics
  • Room in the middle of the home
  • "Spot protection" of valuables, such as jewelry or artwork
  • Glass break detectors for added protection against intrusion

Smoke and Heat Detectors: Monitored detectors within your Tacoma home alarm system out-perform conventional smoke detectors.

  • Designed to send a signal to our monitoring center when smoke is detected
  • Sense rapid rise in heat that may indicate a fire before smoke is produced
  • Especially useful with virtually smokeless natural gas and propane fires
  • Active 24 hours a day; regardless of whether the home security system is armed

Cellular Backup: AlarmNet is an effective primary monitoring communication solution for Tacoma families who only use cellular phone services or a reliable backup to your land line.

  • Works independently of your existing phone system, using its own communicator
  • No additional wires to install in your Tacoma residence
  • When any monitored alarm goes off, the signal is transmitted
  • Provides critical, added protection against phone-line cuts and outages
  • Affordable second-layer protection for Tacoma families

If you would like more information about a security alarm system or home alarm options, just give us a call at 206-430-6090! We are here to help Tacoma residents stay protected.