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Why You Should Invest In a Home Security Camera and Monitoring!


Investing in a home security camera is the perfect idea for the residents of Renton, WA who would like to have a close watch over their home, whether they are present or away. Great Western Security can help!

We can provide you with the ideal home video surveillance solution. We can install a high-tech home security camera in your Renton house that lets you:

  • Check who is at the front door before opening it
  • Get live footage of your home
  • Keep an eye on your children
  • Check on pets
  • Review the footage from any day

Our company has been meeting the home security camera needs of Renton residents since 1989. We supplement top-notch products with seamless home security camera installation services, allowing Renton homeowners uninterrupted monitoring of their homes to keep their family and property safe.

Our Professionals Are Trained In Security Camera Installation


We also cater to the security camera installation needs of Renton businesses. Commercial security cameras are a must-have in all business establishments. Installation of commercial security cameras makes it easy for business owners to keep an eye on the activities on their premises.

Commercial security camera installation also helps Renton businesses prevent (as well as discover) theft and damages.

Hassle-free performance of any commercial or home security camera comes from its correct installation. Knowing this, we make sure to get all security camera installation jobs in Renton done by technicians who are:

  • Suitably trained
  • Very skilled and experienced
  • Diligent and sincere

The people who hire us for security camera installation in Renton always look forward to continuous, excellent function of their equipment for years to come.

Why Choose GWS For Commercial Security Cameras For Your Business?


Installation of commercial security cameras is an important investment for Renton businesses. With proper installation of high-quality cameras in the right places, businesses can safeguard their valuable equipment and confidential data, be alert to trespassers on the premises, and deter any criminal activity on their Renton property.

If you want commercial security cameras for your Renton business, get in touch with us right away. You can count on us to:

  • Offer world-class commercial security cameras from reliable manufacturers
  • Install the cameras in strategic locations throughout your premises
  • Get the installations done quickly yet flawlessly

For more details about commercial or home security camera installation, Renton residents can contact Great Western Security at 206-430-6090.