Security Cameras for Seattle Residents • Protect Your Seattle Property


Great Western Security offers home and business owners in the Seattle area security cameras and CCTV cameras. There are many reasons why Seattle residents choose to have security cameras with a closed circuit television (CCTV) installed on their property.

The National Retail Security Survey states that a business with $1,000,000.00 in revenue will lose $50,000.00 per year to theft. Leading the loss is employee theft at 47%; shop lifting, administrative calculations and vendor fraud make up 50%. The balance is miscellaneous. Losses of $50,000.00 per year equates to $137.00 per day in losses.

Home Security Cameras for Your Seattle Residence


If your Seattle home has gated access, a home security camera CCTV can be utilized so that people inside the residence can see who is trying to enter and prevent allowing access to someone they do not want on their property.

Home security cameras are not new to the residents of the Seattle area. Our expert technicians can install home security cameras that can be monitored in real time. This added protection for the Seattle homeowner is just another option to keep your premises secure.

The primary reason for installing home security cameras is to keep you aware of the activity in and around your Seattle home and property. You will be able to monitor unwanted situations and alert local authorities if and when the need arises.

Great Western Security is here to help keep you and your family safe with our professional home security cameras CCTV.

Security Cameras CCTV for the Seattle Business Owner


Seattle business owners know that on the interior and exterior of their building there are plenty of areas that are well suited for security cameras.

Security cameras CCTV are an easy solution for protecting your Seattle business. These security cameras and CCTV systems can be placed in areas that have expensive computer hardware, software or other technical systems, as well as proprietary or confidential data or equipment.

While traditional alarm systems provide intrusion alerts, security cameras CCTV will allow monitoring on a real time basis.

Another advantage to security cameras CCTV is that they capture images that can alert you to trespassers. With the assistance of a security camera, the Seattle business owner may be able to deter potential robberies and criminal activity before the incident becomes critical.

If you would like more information regarding home security cameras and security cameras CCTV for your Seattle home or business, call Great Western Security at 206-430-6090.