Great Western Security

Auburn CAT5 Wiring


For excellent structured cabling for computer and security networks, installing CAT5 wiring at your Auburn, WA property is important. However, we strongly suggest hiring professionals for this essential job as it ensures the work is done properly. Great Western Security is the name you can rely on when you want CAT5 wiring in Auburn or nearby areas.

As one of the leading security system providers, we also specialize in CAT5 wiring in Auburn. Otherwise known as ethernet cables, it allows high-speed network communications with minimal crosstalk. Some major systems that rely on CAT5 wiring at your Auburn property for communication include the following:

  • Computers
  • Smart TV
  • Home security systems
  • Commercial security systems
  • Gaming systems

Auburn Low Voltage Wiring


If you are in need of low voltage wiring in Auburn, we are here to help. Low voltage wiring is an extremely important part of the modern world as it supports various digital technologies. Auburn home and business owners who want low voltage wiring can count on us for the job.

With our years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we can handle all your low voltage wiring needs in Auburn. As security system experts, we understand how important it is to have top-grade wiring installed for efficient and smooth operations. Contact us today for low voltage wiring in Auburn for properties like the following:

  • Home wiring
  • Retail office wiring
  • Corporate office wiring
  • School wiring

Auburn Network Wiring


Network wiring on your Auburn property is important in order to have a reliable communication infrastructure solution for modern network hardware. Home security systems and computers all require quality wiring in order for the communication to go though in a hassle-free and seamless manner. Our team has the right knowledge and skills to efficiently install network wiring in Auburn properly with no room for error.

Whether you want audio visual systems or security systems, you can rely on our network wiring services in Auburn as we strive to drive the technology initiatives forward. What makes us even better is that we offer our clients a one-year parts and labor warranty as well. Our focus is to ensure that Auburn property owners have a fine and dependable security system and network wiring. Come to us when you want these services:

  • Long ethernet cable
  • Ethernet cable wiring
  • Fastest ethernet cable
  • Affordable ethernet cable