Great Western Security

Why You Should Have a Quality, Working Home Security System


Are you a property owners who has not yet invested in a good home security system in Tukwila, WA? Beware! You and others like you are exposing your loved ones and your valuable property to many risks.

In these uncertain times, having a top-notch home security alarm system is one of the most crucial investments for homeowners. An efficiently functioning home alarm system can alert homeowners, wherever they are, to a number of disastrous happenings, such as:

  • Break-in by burglars or trespassers
  • Fire breakout
  • CO2 leakage
  • Flooding from water leakage or excessive rain

Waste no time in calling Great Western Security to install a high quality home security system in your Tukwila property if you want to safeguard it against the mishaps that can happen in life. We have been meeting the home security alarm needs in the community since 1989.

You can trust us to make your daily life stress-free by providing you with an ideally-suited home security system.

A Custom Home Alarm System---Better To Have It And Not Need It


Everyone hopes that their home alarm system in Tukwila will never have a reason to go off, but many believe in investing in the installation of the finest possible home security alarm system. This is so that if anything does happen, they will not be caught unaware and unprepared.

We can help you stay prepared for emergencies by installing a custom home alarm system for you in Tukwila.

We customize your home security alarm system based on:

  • The location and size of your property
  • Any specific hazards or concerns you have
  • The lifestyle maintained by your family

Why Choose GWS When Choosing To Purchase a Home Alarm System?


You definitely want a home security alarm system in Tukwila that meets your unique security needs and fits your budget. At the same time, you must make sure that you invest in a reliable home security system - don't cut corners on such an important aspect of your home life!

Get in touch with us when you are out to buy a home alarm system in Tukwila. We assure you of equipment that is built for:

  • Easy, hassle-free operation
  • Outstanding functioning
  • Years of glitch-free, reliable use

Additionally, all our home security alarm systems for Tukwila properties are backed by timely, extremely efficient, and professional monitoring services from Brinks.

Want to get a home security system installed in Tukwila? Get in touch with Great Western Security at 206-430-6090.