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Everett CCTV Camera


If you wish to ensure the safety of your home or commercial space, then installing a CCTV camera in Everett, WA is the best way to do so. You can get the help of a reputable security company for the installation of the correct types of surveillance cameras in Everett.

Get in touch with Great Western Security for efficiently installing a CCTV camera in your Everett home or commercial space. We are an established company and have been installing security cams and alarm systems in Everett since 1989. Call us for the installation of the following CCTV camera types in Everett:

  • Dome camera
  • Wireless cameras
  • Home CCTV
  • Wireless outdoor camera

We can help you choose the ideal and the most suitable CCTV cameras for residential and commercial purposes.

Everett Surveillance Camera


Installing a surveillance camera gives Everett residents the peace of mind that their premises are safe from intruders. The recordings from the security cams can be later used as evidence, and this fact is what deters intruders and thieves from vandalizing or stealing from private properties.

Rely on us to install a surveillance camera in Everett. We have successfully installed several types of security cams in Everett helping residents prevent any false liability claims, burglaries, and thefts. Call us to install any of the following surveillance camera types in Everett:

  • Hidden surveillance cameras
  • Outdoor security cameras
  • Video surveillance
  • Wi-Fi security system

We will help you choose the right type and number of cameras for your home and office depending upon your monitoring preference and budget.

Everett Security Cams


With the availability of different types of security cams in Everett, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. Different security systems have different features, so choosing the best one means picking the one with the most relevant features.

Count on us for any services related to security cams in Everett. We are well-equipped and know how cameras work. Call us for the installation, repair, and upgrading of the following security cams in Everett:

  • Spy cameras
  • IP cameras
  • Wi-Fi cameras
  • Wireless cameras
  • Motion sensor cameras

Rely on us for hassle free and affordable services. Our technicians choose the precise location for camera installation so that all images are captured in different modes.