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Tacoma CAT5 Wiring


If you wish to connect your home or business network, then you will require CAT5 wiring in Tacoma, WA. You must get the help of qualified electrical contractors for the network wiring as it must be done properly to ensure that you get the desired data transmission speed.

Get in touch with Great Western Security for efficient CAT5 wiring in Tacoma. We are an established company and have been offering low voltage wiring services in Tacoma and the surrounding areas for decades. Call us for the CAT5 wiring services in Tacoma for the following:

  • CAT5 phone cable
  • CAT5 socket wiring
  • CAT5 plug wiring
  • CAT5 cable wiring

We can choose the ideal length and type of the CAT5 wiring for your Tacoma home and business as per your requirement.

Tacoma Low Voltage Wiring


You will require low voltage wiring in your Tacoma home and business space for connecting various devices and appliances that do not need the same electrical current as power outlets and switches. Call in expert electrical contractors that specialize in low voltage wiring installation in Tacoma.

Rely on us for low voltage wiring services in Tacoma. As an experienced company, we know all about the devices and appliances that are low volt and require such wiring. Call us for low voltage wiring in Tacoma for the following:

  • Landscape lighting wire
  • Wiring for LED lights
  • Low voltage network cabling
  • Low voltage doorbell wiring

Low voltage cable installation can be done when the basic wiring is being done or it can be done even later as and when required.

Tacoma Network Wiring


Network wiring in your Tacoma home or business space is essential to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches, and storage area networks. The network wiring is the media or carrier through which data flows.

Count on us for any network wiring services in Tacoma. We are specialists in providing all types of wiring services for security systems, alarm systems, and networks. Call us when you require networking wiring in Tacoma of any of the following types:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Multipair cable
  • Fiber optic cables

Each of the network wiring types has its features and must be used for specific purposes. We can help you choose the appropriate wiring for your requirements.