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Home Security for the Seattle Resident • 24/7 Security Monitoring


There are several considerations that you should make before picking a home security (security systems, security alarm) company for security monitoring and for your security systems.

The home security company you go for should have a good reputation in the Seattle, WA area since the company will be incharge of your assets and the security monitoring process means the company will have access to your private life. 

At Great Western Security, Inc., we take your privacy seriously and we will not divulge any information that we come across during the course of our monitoring. The fact that we have been preferred company for home security (security systems, security alarm) for the Seattle homeowner since 1989 is proof of our credibility and reliability.

At Great Western Security, Inc., we are in good standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and other consumer protection agencies (check out and we are also in good standing with the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

These organizations receive complaints from the public and the fact that we are in their good books is proof that the public has nothing to complain about. Our credibility and reliability can also be proven by the fact that we are licensed, insured, and bonded.

At Great Western Security, Inc., we offer our residential clients in Seattle 24/7 home security (security systems, security alarm) systems in collaboration with Brinks, our monitoring partner.

Brinks is a well-established security company with an award-winning Central Monitoring Center. Other than the monitoring, we also install and maintain different residential Seattle security systems from Brinks, Honeywell, and other companies, among them video surveillance and security cameras and security alarm systems with remote access.

Affordable Seattle Commercial Security Systems • Video Surveillance and Security Cameras


We have different home security (security systems, security alarm) systems for our Seattle clients, among which are job site security systems, industrial security systems, video surveillance equipment, commercial fire alarm systems, and electronic access control solutions.

Our commercial security systems and monitoring rates are some of the best in Seattle. As an example, if you go for our standard homeowner package, we will only charge you about $1 per day.

With just $1, you will be sure there is someone to alert the authorities in case of a medical emergency, home invasion, or fire.

Security Alarm System with Remote Access • Seattle Smart Phone Integration

You should come to Great Western Security, Inc. because you will get a home security (security systems, security alarm) system with remote access. With Total Connect's remote keypad, all you need is a Smartphone to silence or disarm your system, view security events, check the status of your alarm system, arm your system, remotely turn your lights on and off, and control warehouse and garage doors. 

Do not settle for the first home security (security systems, security alarm) company in the Seattle area you come across. There are several considerations you should make if you are to get the best.  Among them are:

  • their capacity to do a good job
  • the services they offer meet your requirements
  • fully licensed company

For all your commercial and home security (security systems, security alarm) monitoring needs and other security systems, call us today at 206-430-6090 and we will give you a free estimate.